Tenant Experience 

Private Space

Your own private space to stretch out and relax!

What types of spaces are available?

We offer apartments and rooms in houses, all of which are fully-furnished.

Are guests allowed?

Guests are certainly welcome. However, all guests must adhere to the guest policy referenced within each lease.

Utilities Included

All utilities are included and handled by us!

What utilities are included?

All utilities are provided by Dwell and include: water, sewer, trash, electricity and gas.

Does the monthly utility cost change?

The utility cost is a flat rate that remains constant, and is included within the rent for each space.


All of our spaces are fully-furnished!

What furniture is included?

Furniture is provided for each living and dining room. Kitchen equipment (cookware, dishes and appliances) are provided. Each bedroom is furnished with at least a full or queen size bed. Laundry equipment is also provided.

Can I bring additional furniture?

You are welcome to bring additional furniture for your room.

Are pets allowed?

Due to concerns associated with allergies, pets are not permitted.

Flexible Terms

Our flexible lease terms keep life simple!

Is there a minimum lease term?

Most of our leases are 12-months in length, though a 6-month lease is the minimum requirement.

What if I would like to move early?

Changes to existing leases are possible, and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Are "month-to-month" leases acceptable?

Month-to-month leases are possible, after an initial tenancy of 6 months or longer.


Fast WIFI is included in all of our homes!

Is there an additional cost for the WIFI?

WIFI is included within monthly rent at no additional cost.

How fast is the WIFI?

High-Speed WIFI is included within every home.

Cleaning Included

Our cleaning service is included with every space!

What does the cleaning service include?

Every space is cleaned including the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms. All spaces are also dusted including blinds and baseboards.

How often does the cleaning occur?

Each space is cleaned monthly.

Any Questions?