Investor Experience 


Our team works with developers and realtors to bring you the great investment properties!

How do you find homes?

We partner with realtors, and real estate developers to locate existing and new homes that are highly desirable, and that have excellent income potential.

What is the criteria?

The most important criteria are the location, size, price and condition of the property. This information is then used to calculate a desirability score, that is utilized for ranking properties relative to one another.


Our team of licensed real estate agents handles all brokerage tasks in-house!

What is included?

When you are ready to purchase a property, our team handles all aspects of the transaction, from the contract through the closing.

What happens when it's time to sell?

When you are ready to exit, our team lists your property for sale. At closing, you receive a check consisting of the proceeds from the sale of your property.


Arrange for your own financing, or utilize our in-house mortgage broker!

May I finance with cash?

You are certainly welcome to finance with cash.

What is the best way to finance?

This answer will depend on you circumstances. In our opinion, mortgage rates are still at historically low levels, and many opportunities exist for investing cash and achieving substantially higher returns than mortgage interest rates.

May I obtain a mortgage?

You may obtain a mortgage to finance your property, either by utilizing our in-house mortgage broker, or through your own efforts.

What are the mortgage requirements?

Mortgage requirements vary depending on the type of mortgage you select. We will be happy to refer you to our in-house mortgage broker to discuss the options available to you.

What down payment is required?

Down payment requirements may vary based upon the mortgage you select. However, a down payment of 20-25% of the purchase price is generally required for an investment property, if financed using a 30-year mortgage.

Leasing & Management

We handle all leasing and management, so you never have to worry about tenants!

Will I be charged additional fees?

Leasing and management of your investment property is covered by our team, at no additional cost to you.

Do I get to approve the tenants?

We have designed a hands-off process for investors. This means that we take full responsibility for tenants. Therefore, you do not interact with, or approve tenants.

What about vacancy?

Vacancy is our responsibility and does not affect the guaranteed annual income offered for each property.

What about damage?

We take full responsibility for tenants and any damage that may result from their use of your property. Repairs resulting from damage do not affect the guaranteed annual income offered for each property.

How are payments handled?

Our team is responsible for collecting all payments from tenants and making scheduled monthly distributions of income to investors.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our team handles all maintenance and repairs, so you never have to even think about that!

What happens when a repair is needed?

Our team handles all repairs internally and coordinates the timing of repairs directly with tenants.

Who pays for maintenance and repairs?

At closing, each investor is required to set up a maintenance reserve account, for which funds will be initially and continuously deposited (on a monthly basis) for maintenance and repairs. This account functions similarly to an escrow account maintained by a lender for property taxes. An unused funds will be credited back to an investor at closing.

What maintenance is included?

Scheduled maintenance for each property includes an HVAC inspection and filter change, and battery replacement for all thermostats and smoke detectors. Touch-up painting, minor repairs and light bulb replacement are also done at this time.

When is maintenance performed?

Scheduled maintenance is performed at each property on a semi-annual basis.

Guaranteed Returns

For each investment, our team establishes an annual income that you are guaranteed each year!

What guarantees the income?

Each property is furnished and rented at a premium and the rental revenue guarantees the income.

What documentation will I receive?

You will receive a fully-executed purchase-and-sale agreement. At closing you will receive a final copy of this agreement, and a three-year-master-lease and property management agreement that begins on the day of closing. You will also receive a warranty deed, HUD Settlement Statement and all other associated documentation required by your lender (if applicable) and or closing attorney.

What is Dwell's track record for on-time payments?

Dwell has operated since 2012 and maintains a 100% track record for on-time payments.

When are payments made?

Distribution Payments are made to investors on a monthly basis.

With Dwell, being a landlord is now a hands-off process!

Any Questions?